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Pete Largo started the first own group in 1979 in Berlin-West. The „DOWN-TOWN Bluesband
became the Top Blues Band during the early eigthies. It was a hot Band, recorded one album,
performed many shows in Clubs, Halls and on Festivals, in Berlin and West-Germany,
like Quasimodo, Quartier Latin, Metropol, Tempodrom.
Some Live- Radioshows and a very good Press helped
to make the Band known nationaly. In 1986 Pete Largo
was awarded by the German Bundespräsident for
previous work on the music scene in Germany.
During the first half of the eighties Pete organized
events and festivals in the city and and leaded also
some other projects for the departement of culture in
Berlin. Pete still feel very happy about, to had the
possibility be a part of the movements in the "Wall-City"
in the eighties.
In need of new input and inspiration, in 1987 Pete Largo moved to Portugal, but often also
present on stage in Berlin, playing Sessions with almost all the Blues Musicians of the City.
During the time in Portugal Pete Largo also worked as a teacher at the "Centro de  Artes
Interpretativas" in Trafaria (Lisbon), along side of musicians like: Eddy Goltz, David Gausden,
Leo Garcia, Johnny Galvao, Joao Malo and Tahina Rahary. Pete says always, that it was a
great feeling injecting the blues tradition into the hearts of young students, sharing the own
experience on blues guitar with them and see them growing.
In the begining of 1991 Pete Largo found
in Lisbon the „The Downtown Bluesmen“
and started working with Jerzy Sokolowsi, a
friend from Berlin times and the Bassplayer
Joao Luis Barreiros, who was also involved
on the album„Go with the flow“ recorded
2016 in Porto. A TV-show on RTP and a
concert in Faro at the 1993 Motorcycle-
Festival, in front of 15.000 people, helped
put the Band on the map in Iberia on Gigs in
clubs, discos and open-air events.
After Jerzy left the Band in 1993 Pete started the project “Pete Largo & Band” and became the
most booked german Bluesplayer, outside of´Germany in Europe.
120 - 140 gigs a year has
been the result of it. Madrid, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Porto,
Lisbon, Hamburg, Berlin and countless other Villages of the european regions.  
Pete says always: “Europe is beautiful, colourful, but damn big.” 2001 Pete Largo moved back to Germany
and started to record  „modern electric Blues“ with Songs, written in Portugal times. It was time for a change again.
The first Album “Between Love & Separation” of Pete Largo  & Band was published 2006 in Germany, by “Rudolphon  Verlag” and found Fans all over the world because Radio  Stations broadcast the CD worldwide. The Song “cold feelings”  became a Nr. 2 Hit in India. It was a big Surprise for Pete Largo. Until today the album was sold 16.000 times all over the world.
Pete Largo is well known as a first class Guitarplayer  and Performer and respected in the european  countries, made by almost 45 years, playing in front of  an audience or working in Record Studios. The second Album „Go with the flow“ was recorded 2016 in  Porto, at the „Estudios Sa da Bandeira“ with musicians from  differend countries, and published 2017 by „Wonderline  Records“.  Go with the flow“ is  a typical style of „modern electric Blues“. History Gallery Music Contact Links News